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For patients in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, expert care for disc herniation is available from the skilled team at Neurosurgery & Spine Associates, formerly the Brain & Spine Institute. We care for a range of back and neck issues and conditions with both conservative treatment and surgical solutions, when necessary.

Understanding Disc Herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is a common condition that usually causes back and leg pain. There can also be associated numbness or weakness. There is a disc between each of the vertebrae in the spine. The disc functions like a shock absorber. When a disc begins to degenerate, it can press on a nerve root and usually produce pain going down one leg. Frequently the term sciatica is used to describe the leg pain as it involves one or more of the nerve roots that contribute to the sciatic nerve.

Most people with a herniated disc will not need surgery. Conservative treatment is effective in many cases. This can include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and steroid therapy either by mouth or injection. If conservative treatment does not work, surgery may be necessary. The most recommended surgical treatment generally involves a very small incision and removal of the herniated disc fragment.

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