Sinus Surgery

What is sinus surgery?

Sinus surgery is generally recommended as the best treatment option for chronic sinus issues. It is a procedure used to open the natural pathways to the sinuses to help improve sinus drainage. There are several types of sinus surgery, including Balloon Sinuplasty and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).

Why would I need sinus surgery?

While nonsurgical treatment methods are always tried before sinus surgery is suggested, sinus surgery may be the best option in cases of sinus infections that are recurrent and/or nonresponsive to medication, if you suffer from facial pain, sinus headaches, nasal obstruction or discolored/bad smelling nasal drainage. In these cases, sinus surgery can be used to enlarge the openings that drain the sinuses to provide relief. 

Will sinus surgery stop my headache and sinus infections?

In some cases, sinus surgery has provided an 80% reduction in infection and headaches.


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